Migraine from hell says hello

So I had this whole post planned out with quotes and story-times, and all leading to a life-affirming moment that would make the hardest criminal cry…

Theeeenn I got a headache. Well, I had a headache at work last night and it continued to pound away as I did some late night grocery shopping that makes me cringe just thinking about looking at what is left in my bank account. But the pounding continued as I hauled my purchases up my stairs and proceeded to put everything away. And then I decided to make chili in my crock-pot…and then decided to do my dishes and do a little re-organizing, and then decided to boil my leftover eggs that were about to go bad….and then I decided to just stay up until my plasma donation appointment and then go to sleep.

But as I continued on my late night tasks, the pounding in my head got louder…like my brain was approaching the jumanji board game. Since the donation center asks if you are feeling ill when you arrive, and since years of migraine practice has shown me the signs of one approaching, I rescheduled my appointment, took some tylenol and went to sleep.

Normally, when I go to sleep with a headache it goes away when I wake up. But my headache shifted into a migraine while I slept and it woke me up..the jerk…. I hate waking up with a headache…I feel all woozy and off-centered. So naturally I get up to pop more pills, and to turn off my slow cooker cuz my chili is done.

I’m grateful I keep my house dark, it helped the migraine go away, but now I’m exhausted and I have to go to work in an hour. I hate migraines….I used to get them 3-4 times a week, but some lifestyle changes have helped to lessen them…but when one hits forget it. I’m done, down for the count. And I’m a whiny bitch….

That’s right…I can admit it…I’m useless when I’m sick.

Le sigh….at least tomorrow I have a day off and then we can get going on these new projects…..ooh and hey hard-boiled eggs….kinda sad I don’t have food coloring.

Happy Easter for those who celebrate the holiday.

For those that don’t….happy weekend.

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