Be what you aren’t told, is right or wrong
because feeling wrong can be right,
just as much as being right is wrong
and the majority doesn’t have 20/20
that isn’t tinted rose to everything outside
of anything that is considered the norm.
Be the other amongst the others
that all look the same, amongst
the same walls that we are told
are there to tell us how to separate
the me from the we. Them from us.
And tell me then,
how you are able to judge what is beautiful
what is perfect, or wonderfully flawed.
No, please don’t, I decided I have something
else much more pleasant waiting to invade my mind.
So come talk to me when you know what it
means to be wrong in all the right ways
and I’ll show you how to be right,
in all beautifully wrong ways
and we’ll see the world in 20/40
and wonder why…just for fun.

What's Your Perspective?

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