It starts with a hunger,
something sweet, salty,
voices screaming about calories
change to those screaming with craving.
From the hunger, comes the ache.
Settling into broken bits of bone
deteriorating from a disease that will one day cripple,
and settles into the healthy, blood rich muscles
and the jaw clenches,
teeth grind.
Dots start to form, light at first
before breaking form until it streaks across
the center of your vision,
blocking out anything that lay directly in their path.
Then your lights flicker, and you feel the blood
pulsing through your body as it struggles,
to get where it needs to be and the light gets brighter.
Sounds get louder, but your hearing muffles
or maybe it is the sound that blurs, bleeds.
Words are get added, left out, phonetically
speaking overrides years of education.
By the time you reach home it’s too late.
Too late to stop the onslaught, but enough to
minimize the ache.
and all that is left to do is hide under the covers
and wait.

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