Click Tick Clock Tock

start-what is there to explain?
yesterday was a different day.
Tomorrow will never be the same
and I can’t spend my life, living for today.

Listen to the wind howl,
or maybe that is just the fan,
blowing to remind us of what we had
when living cheaply wasn’t a fad.

I’ll give you 10 bucks an hour
I’ll take 11 at the door
but I’ll sweeten the pot my friend,
by not calling your life a whore.

Bend your will, tick to the tock
we will all meet the maker
at the end of a ticking clock.
Hope you’re ready, because I’m not.

My body is busy leading the rebellion,
against my desire to live
clickity click click clock
Be glad time isn’t orange,

Be glad and be still,
the world is howling for more
a retribution unwilling to come
for a ticking, ticking, ticking…stop.

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