The I, we, I, you, me

I, we, I, you, me
We, I mean, you
no, we, all see
maybe some, a little,
too few
we see more than a care
more to be cared for
we, you, I, mean,
I see…you…
I see you unbelieving
unwilling, unknowing
seeing in physicality
of a reality we only feign to know.
It is my hand so it is real for me,
but I know for the we, the you,
it may be as real as the dream
of which you are never sure
you have ever fully awoken from.
Sincerity, honestly, met
by the we, the you, the me,
with such hostility that it is easier
to accept all truths to be falsities
out to make sure we get hurt.
I mean you get hurt
I mean me.
A sense of friendship that tendrils
around circumstance, so easily created
so easily shorn,
human nature I suppose.
The I, we, I, you, me.

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