Knowing Everything Else

There is no silence. No pause. No cure. The once whispering voices have become so loud that you hear the shouts in your dreams, and swear they echo in the reality you have just begun to live.

Do you?  Do you make the same choices? The same sacrifice?

Sometimes, you just need quiet. Time.

Slipping into insanity sometimes seems like the prize instead of the curse.

The question was asked: did you ask for help?

And the question isn’t if help is needed, or wanted, but if it is necessary? Because looking at it, maybe you aren’t the one that needed help. Maybe it was them.

Maybe it was those who you turn to for help that needed help the most. Help to see. Help to believe. Help to understand.

Help to realize that one day you won’t be in front of them asking for help. You will be gone. With no laying of blame on anything else but your own hands because you were given the chance.

You were given the chance.

You were asked for help.

What's Your Perspective?

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