Christmas Poem

A/N: I found a Christmas poem in my stacks of poetry!!! I wish I found it a few days ago >.<. I mean it isn’t the greatest thing but hey, better late than never. Last post for today. Happy Holidays everyone!

Let’s hear the sleigh bells,
over the hills of snow,
and let everyone know
it is Christmas time at home.

The young ones whisper,
as they wait for Claus,
as the older ones
deck the halls.

Wrapping paper strewn about,
meticulous gifts are wrapped and stored
2 hours to buy and hid,
5 minutes to unwrap and shout.

Tears of joy,
pouting faces,
as family and friends take their places
at a dinner made for kings.

Snow is falling as the children scream,
throwing snowballs are the laughing teens,
snow forts are made and sides are waiting,
as the wars of snow, soldiers stand ready.

Hot cocoa and roasting nuts,
music played by flickering candle lights,
it’s the holiday season, the time of cheer,
with the sounds of bells, and a new year.

And when its over, as the snow melts,
and spring comes to play,
memories are kept for years to come,
and beginning dreams of the next holiday.

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