Blind Rage

A/N: Written in 2005. Reading it over I think I was in a place where I wanted to let all the negative feelings, anger and rage just consume me. But instead of letting it, I wrote this. 

Let go,
give in,
this is what you desire.
This feeling will never expire.
Don’t let humanity sink in.
Give into your primal need.
You are still an animal,
roaming these streets.

Forget the tortured soul.
Brooding is left for the weak-minded,
take your pain,
throw it away,
don’t let human emotions
fight to stay.

Live in the darkness,
feel it thrive inside,
let it control you,
as it destroys the light.

No weapons needed,
your hands will do,
feel the rush
as rage races through you.
Open your mind,
let it flood your senses.

You are what predators fear.
Not animal,
not human,
something more.
Death incarnate.
You. Are. War.

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