Dance With Me

Dance with me in the waning light, giggle as dusk settles into night. I will teach you the meaning of the stars, and a universe meant to be seen by us. Can you hear the music of the wind, as we waltz in the breeze. Feel the gentleness of our hands, this is what touching … Continue reading Dance With Me


Green Lights Fade

time has never been much of a friend of mine don't wish for much in this world never asked for more than enough let me be the one, I dare you to be what you are scared to believe I never believed I would live this long to see the smile reach the stormy gray … Continue reading Green Lights Fade

Prompt #6: A Road Trip You Can Only Take in Your Mind

A Road Trip I Can Only Take in My Mind There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping world slowly waking up to a new day. The moment before the sun peaks over the horizon, when the sky lightening with each passing second and the stars begin to disappear. It is birth, and death, wrapped … Continue reading Prompt #6: A Road Trip You Can Only Take in Your Mind