Green Lights Fade

time has never been much of a friend of mine
don’t wish for much in this world
never asked for more than enough
let me be the one, I dare you
to be what you are scared to believe
I never believed I would live this long
to see the smile reach the stormy gray
that greets me in the mirror,
but time has never been much of a friend of mine,
she is a right bastard in my opinion,
but she gave me you
I’ll take the hour,
I’ll take the second
To breathe you in and feel your skin beneath my lips
I promise not to cry when I disappear again,
if you promise to let me be the one
to show you what it can mean to be alive.
In the second,
In the hour
within the moment when time loses power
and it is just us,
and the glow of green that simply…fades
into the night.

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