2011 Dreams

In the waning hours we have all come to this,
standing together, looking to the sky long after the setting sun,
too soon for the rising day.
We dreamt, of better days, lazy and filled with hopes
that we are told to have by advanced television screens
and magazine articles that tell our fortunes
We are here, watching, waiting,
We may be in groups, too drunk to understand the moment,
or alone, and too drunk to exist outside of it,
and I love you, I love you, I love you,
sings in a chorus we all thought we had forgotten

I’m taking the long way,
and I don’t expect the world to move with me,
it is my design that way, this world is my own,
and I have fought so long for fellow hearts to beat in time
with the rhymes that beat from underneath fingertips
I had 2011 dreams of grand excitements, and crushing failures,
and I always dreamed that the world will shift into better places

So we stand, bleeding hearts into streets as we watch the unmoving sky
understanding, for a moment, how little we mean in the grand scheme,
but dreaming for the chance to stir the pot,
and I look forward to the countdown, and cheesy flashes capturing moments
that will mock you for years to come.
We are miles from there, wishing the magic stayed instead of the bitterness
that always takes its place, patron saints of lost causes
shaking their heads at our moment of innocence.

But I beg you to stay
Stay with me,
It isn’t hard to find me
I am here, have a drink with me and see
I am the lost cause that still survives, wishing to see your smile
All things must come to an end, but I promise you this,
We all had 2011 dreams, and whether they lived or died,
all we can ever truly be, is in the moment
Looking up at the sky, adding another dream to the pot.

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