Q&A Week

So a few people have sent me some questions over the last few weeks that I've either answered or avoided to answer because I wasn't sure how to, but it did get me thinking about Question and Answer sessions. Maybe it is just another way for the world to get to know the insanity that … Continue reading Q&A Week

Facebook Short Poetry Series #6

Textbook versions of the feel good moments drift like drugs through our systems, it gets better, despite the world being on fire we smile while letting it burn, ignoring the licks, of flames that burn less than the hope we were told. Did you see the fighter slip away? Passed in the night when we … Continue reading Facebook Short Poetry Series #6

Day 8: Frantic Phone Calls and a Heartbreak Moment

If anyone has been paying attention to the news there was a significant amount of tornadoes and storms brewing in my neighboring states. Actually, the tornadoes formed a U-shaped pattern around me, hitting multiple states except my own of which I am grateful for since I am not up to re-enacting a scene out of … Continue reading Day 8: Frantic Phone Calls and a Heartbreak Moment