Q&A Week

So a few people have sent me some questions over the last few weeks that I’ve either answered or avoided to answer because I wasn’t sure how to, but it did get me thinking about Question and Answer sessions. Maybe it is just another way for the world to get to know the insanity that is me, or maybe it is some self-fulfilling prophecy that works with my ego, but it might be fun.

So for the next week or so hit me up with a question, whether it be about writing, my personal opinion on matters such as the world, religion, sexuality etc…I’ll post the questions (anonymously if you just want to send me the question through Facebook or my Tumblr account) here along with my answers. See if we can engage in more than a one way experience. Also, I’ve seen a bunch of vloggers (video-bloggers) do faqs recently and I want to see if there is a more underlying difference with interaction between regular bloggers and video bloggers, so call it my own social experiment as well. Hope you participate, nothing is off limits in regards to questions.

What's Your Perspective?

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