#5 Buffy/Faith ‘everything changes’, include blue socks

Buffy looked down at the clean white sheets as she sat on the bed. A cool gentle breeze pushed through the open window, causing the curtains to billow towards the bed. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she turned her face towards the window; the noon day sunlight spilling passed the clean white curtains.

“You know” a voice came from behind her, causing her to close her eyes as a sharp pain raced through her heart, “You always did look beautiful in that dress” the voice finished softly. A hand came to rest on Buffy’s shoulder, squeezing tightly as a sob racked her body. “Shhhh baby” the voice said as the figure knelt in front of Buffy, moving her hand from Buffy’s shoulder to cup her face. “Baby don’t cry” the voice pleaded as Buffy’s face twisted in agony. “Look at me B” the voice said softly, lips twisting in a frown as Buffy shook her head in refusal.

“I can’t” came the strangled sob from Buffy’s lips, “I can’t because this is a dream, and if I look at you, then it was real” Buffy’s small shoulders shook as her hands gripped the edge of the bed tightly.

“Buffy” the voice sighed, inching closer to Buffy as she took Buffy’s hands into her own, “Look at me please” the voice pleaded. Buffy slowly opened her eyes, tears burning her vision, as she was met with deep-chocolate eyes. “There are those green eyes I’ve always loved.” Buffy sobbed again, throwing herself forwards, wrapping her arms tightly around the woman in front of her.

“Faith!” she sobbed, burying her face into her lover’s hair, sobbing loudly as Faith’s hands softly stroked her back.

“I’m right here baby” Faith whispered into Buffy’s hair, kissing her head as she gently rocked the woman in her arms.

“No you are not” Buffy pushed herself back to look into Faith’s eyes, “You are not here! This is a dream, and when I wake up you will be gone and I can’t…”Buffy choked on her words as Faith smiled sadly at her,

“I’m so sorry” Faith whispered softly, bringing her hand up to wipe away Buffy’s tears, “But I had to baby….” Faith paused as Buffy dropped her head to her chest, her shoulders still shaking. Faith hooked a finger under Buffy’s chin, forcing Buffy to look in her eyes, “Baby I had to…If I didn’t” Faith trailed as Buffy tore herself away from Faith; wrapping her arms around her stomach as she stepped backwards away from Faith.

“Don’t you think I know that!?” Buffy growled as Faith stood, her arms reaching out to Buffy. “NO!” Buffy yelled as she stepped back again, “I know why, but I can’t Faith” Buffy’s eyes filled with desperation and despair, “I ca…can’t live without you” Buffy choked as she hugged herself tighter. “This world isn’t worth not having you in it!” Buffy sunk to her knees as her body finally gave in. Faith rushed to her, kneeling down to gather the sobbing woman into her arms.

“It is Buffy” Faith said softly as she pulled Buffy into her lap, “This world was worth it, because…” Faith pulled back to look into Buffy’s eyes, “Because this world showed me love. This world gave me you” Faith stared unwavering into Buffy’s eyes, her heart breaking at the pain reflected in the glassy orbs, “A world without you in it, was no acceptable,” tears streamed down Faith’s cheeks as Buffy hiccuped. Buffy’s eyes drifted down Faith’s body, to the familiar bright neon blue socks that covered her feet.

“God I hated those socks” Buffy said softly, leaning her head against Faith’s chest; smiling at the deep rumble of Faith’s laughter.

“They’re comfy” Faith retorted.

“They’re ugly” Buffy countered, giving a watery smile at the familiar banter.

“You love me anyways” Faith muttered into Buffy’s hair. They remained silent for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of each other. The sky started to darken outside, causing Faith to frown.

“It’s time Buffy” she said softly; her heart breaking as Buffy clung tightly to her shirt.

“No” cried desperately, “please Faith” she cried as she cupped Faith’s face, crushing her lips to her former lovers’. “Don’t leave me” she cried against Faith’s lips. Faith kissed her back feverishly, memorizing the feel of the older slayer’s lips against her own.

“I love you” Faith whispered to Buffy.

“Please Faith! I love you too” Buffy cried as their lips met once more, before Faith pulled back.

“See ya later B” Faith sobbed as she looked deep into the green eyes she’s always loved, placing her hand on Buffy’s cheek.


“FAITH!” Buffy cried out as she sat straight up, desperately looking around for the other woman. Her eyes were met with rows of head stones, causing her to look back at the marble headstone she had fallen asleep against. Tears streamed down her face as she traced Faith’s name carved into the surface.

“I love you” she whispered as her eyes dropped down to the inscription,

“Everything changes. Everyone changes. What is constant is love, as long as we never forger

Buffy wiped the tears from her face as she leaned forward, pressing her lips to the cool stone.

“I’ll never forget” Buffy whispered as she stood up, reaching into her pocket for a tissue. She frowned as her fingers pushed against something soft, pulling out the bright blue socks. Her eyes flashed back to the headstone, “But Dawn put these…” she muttered in confusion. A warm breeze suddenly swirled around Buffy, carrying the distance sound of deep laughter and a scent Buffy thought she would never smell again. Buffy smiled, closing her eyes as the breeze slowly left her.

“Everything changes Faith” Buffy smiled sadly down at her lover, “But I will love you forever.”

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