Prompt #7: zoo keeper who gets bit by a silverback gorilla

write about a zoo keeper who gets bit by a silverback gorilla from the perspective of the gorilla, including all of the details of his day up until the bite. 

(Non-italics gorilla perspective, or at least my failed attempt. It’s short)



There is no food left. The reminder evident at the small whimpers from the nests. The humans are watching again. Stupid humans, useless, pathetic. My belly itches, there must be food around here. The humans ooh and ahh as I walk around. There must be food. There is a small crack in the concrete, big enough for a stick maybe.

Nothing here to use as a tool. Large walls, large fences, weird smells, monstrous noises. It all echoes here. A warm day, made worse by the lack of trees. No trees, no green. Not like the place my mother spoke about before she was packed away.

They look stupid, their young should be killed, stupid humans. Must find food, must find food, must stay strong. I have to protect them from the humans.

Ahh….Daniel is here. With food. What a sad existence, to be fed by this creature. What is he doing? Stay away from them Daniel. YOU STUPID HUMAN!!

“Tonight on the 6 o-clock news. A zookeeper was attacked by a silver-back gorilla, for, what experts say, approaching the gorilla’s group. Experts say it is possible the gorilla thought the zookeeper posed a threat. More on this story at 6”.

I’ll never get this taste out of my mouth

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