All I have to give

This world seems so vast. It is impossible to see every inch of it, and that kind of magnitude is both terrifying and exhilarating. Yet, at the same time, this world really isn’t all that large. What the person who is standing 50 feet from me goes through, even on the basic levels of living, a person 50000 miles away from me is experiencing. In this world so big, the human existence is simply a small section that may ebb and flow, but remains wholly the same throughout time. We fight for little plots of land to call our own, raise families, work, love, and survive, and those basics in our lives never differ, whether we are white, black, asian, hispanic, muslim…whether we grew up in an American Suburb, or in a war-torn country, the fact that we all simply live, is the truest uniting factor. It is also the factor that is the most forgotten.

Humans are materialistic, it is a survival mechanism; it occurs in all life. But what makes us different from animals is that we have the cognitive ability to recognize that although we may look different, sound differently, love differently, it is our humanity that makes us part of the same community. 1 human race. We forget that. So, despite our differences, I know that I’m no different from the President, or the homeless woman down the block. That, at the end of my life, it won’t matter who I was when I was 5, or 25, or 30. It won’t matter if I amassed fortunes, or forever lived from paycheck to paycheck. It won’t matter what people thought of me, during the best times of my life, or during the ugliest moments of my life. When I die, all that will matter is that I lived.

I can get caught up in worrying about what people think of me, or the hatred some people have of me. I can get caught up worrying that my exes will disclose horrible secrets, or tell people about how bad of a person I truly was when I was with them. I can get caught up in the praises from people, telling me I’m brave or exalting my work. I can get caught up in the dreams of grandeur and the spotlight. We all have that capability, and on more than one occasion I have let all of it consume me, but none of it will matter as the life finally drains from my body. What will truly matter, is that I lived; that I walked this earth. It doesn’t matter if no one will ever remember, because I know in my heart, it truly doesn’t matter. Like it doesn’t matter the clothes I wear, or the money, or the car I drive. What matters, is that until I die, I allow myself the chance to live, and that I never deny anyone that same right. It is what makes us truly human. Sometimes, that is all we can ever give to this world, humanity.

One thought on “All I have to give

  1. “When I die, all that will matter is that I lived.”
    I really love that point in this post. Excellent writing. Good food for thought. (BTW, this is Natasha from that creative writing class we took, you know *that* one ;))

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