R.I.P Eric James Borges

I normally use this blog to post poetry and to write about random thoughts and perspectives. But this came across my desk today, and it made me stop for a moment.

The creator of this movie committed suicide after years of abuse and homophobia. Although we may not know the truest reason why he killed himself, what he has left behind is a brief moment of beauty, to remind us all that hatred, all though overpowering at times, can’t touch the truest moments in our life, when love and beauty outshines the world around us.

We forget, as humans do, that our time here is fleeting. I’m turning 25 in 9 months. A quarter of a century already gone, and I wouldn’t wish my life on my worst enemy. But I would wish the beauty I have seen on the world. Remember this, the next time you see something you hate, or degrade someone for being who they are; remember that the greatest weapon ever given to us is words. Words can destroy an entire civilization. Words can destroy 1 single person. I’m not asking you to go through life hugging every person you meet, or accept every lifestyle. All I am simply asking you is to remember your words, and remember how time is fleeting. Why waste a moment of beauty on hatred?



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