RIP Whitney Houston

I woke up this afternoon to people flippin over the Whitney Houston flag “controversy” and all I could do was wonder what is going on in this world?

Who are you, who am I, whom are we, to judge what makes a hero? Are heroes simply the people who die for us? What about those who live for us? Who fight, not on a battlefield, but in courtrooms and sidewalks? What about those whose existence makes our days brighter? Who are we to decide, or judge, what a community does to remember and respect one of its own?

Thousand of heroes die everyday, without recognition and it is sad. But we do what we can, and try to remember and live. Whitney Houston was somebody’s hero. Stop being angry about the past, and stop being hateful and cruel. She is gone. A daughter lost her mom. Just stop and remember that.

What's Your Perspective?

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