Close Your Eyes

I love girls, the way I’m supposed to feel about girls.
Honestly, it is the only way I know.
I think about men, in certain ways,
but those feelings make me feel awkward, unsure.
But when I look at a girl, and the softness of life returns,
I know this is where I belong.

So I might not make it back to the house tonight,
I’m lying within her arms, and I feel at home in her hands,
the fear I feel amongst the heat of a man, melts away
just by a simple caress, and the pressing of breasts.
I can’t keep this secret, I won’t.

It is too beautiful to be hidden, to natural to be wrong.

But I won’t hate you for what you feel,
It’s a privilege, to know how to love,
and I’ve hated too long to let this feeling go.
But I won’t hate you, for hating me,
because I know it isn’t because of who I love,
it is because I have a love you may have never known.

It hurts, sometimes more than I can bear,
not to feel the softness of her body under my fingertips,
sometimes it hurts more than I can bear,
when a law is made that prevents the sealing of vows with our lips.
Sometimes, my friend, your hatred strips me, and leaves me bare.
and all is left are tears, and flailing hands in search of a firm grip.

But I won’t beg you to change your mind,
because I know you will never change mine.
Can we just agree not to agree on matters of the heart?
We make everything complicated from the start,
when life is really as simple as we have been told to fear…
when did purpose become synonymous with hatred and tears?

Just close your eyes, I promise I do not hate who you are.
Give me your hand, I promise this isn’t a fight.
Do you feel this? Thudding against warm skin?
It’s the same beat you find in your own,
tell me what is the biggest difference between us
that will discredit the fact that we are both of skin, muscle and bone.

It will be alright, my friend, don’t surrender who you are.
I won’t be the one to hurt you, but I won’t surrender who I am
I’m simply sharing the love I have found, the story of my own truth.
it’s beautiful, and warm, and like a tether it keeps me home.
The shadows of hatred have left us too cold for far too long,
but you are free to hate me, I won’t stop you if that is what you choose.

Just know, even then, that I will love you.

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