Actual Day 4 of 40

So last night, or early this morning, what have you, I posted about my first few days without Facebook.

Aside from the realization about how much I have come to rely on Facebook for everything, the first few days went by relatively okay; this due to the fact that I worked 64 of those 72 hours, so my brain was in survival mode. However, it is sunday, and I do not work Sundays….

Every other thought is about posting to Facebook, or close to it since the other thoughts are filled with computing whether or not 4 boxes of tissues will be enough to cover this damn cold that is currently rampaging through my head. I deleted my shortcuts to Facebook, but I still catch myself scrolling to my bar to click on it and see what my 500 something friends are up too. I had let them know I would be M.I.A from FB for these 40 days, and yet I’m still getting emails from FB with friend comments and requests. To destroy the urge to read said emails I have set my email to delete anything from FB.


This is ridiculous, I’m not even this obsessed over my favorite music artist and ask anyone who knows me well enough that I know her birthday, every single song she has ever done, or even sang on, etc etc. But I can go days without listening to her music, and be fine…..

I think it is just because I am bored. I eat when I’m bored, read, and troll fb. That is my life, because trying to write when I’m bored results in aimless rabble that leaves me with a headache. But I have to do something, because I haven’t been bored like this since high school which was in the middle of the 2000’s so it was B.FB. Back then I would write, watch tv, participate in track, annoy my brother, and fill my days with angsty teenage drama that would like toooottallly ruin my life. But I had stuff to do then….I played my piano more often, I had a social life, and I was perfectly fine.

I don’t know whether or not to be angry with Facebook, or with myself, for becoming this pathetic. You grow up always active, and then real life takes over, and you just realize how much fun it was to chase a ball around. Now if only I had a tail….

seeee! Aimless drabble….actually I’m procrastinating. I woke up and decided the rare 60 degree weather deserved to be treated to an early spring cleaning of my apartment since my work weeks averaged 75 hours until I quit my second job yesterday. All this free time…and no facebook….so why not clean?

Actually I hate cleaning. I loved living with my roommates in college because the only thing they had me do was lift the sofa so they could clean, and my sister from another mister, ( we shall call her London since that is from England), would occasionally kick me out of bed to clean my side of the sink since her and I kept our bathroom relatively clean to begin with. I miss London, she sends me little gifts just to remind me that she thinks of me. Best kind of friend to have actually…I should call her.

I will when I finish this cleaning project. I have vacuumed the entire house, thanks to some sneaky thievery from my roomie to “borrow” a vacuum from work because we are too cheap to buy our own. I’ve also pulled out all of my clothes (and for someone who hates clothes as much as I do I have a lot of clothes), and am currently sorting through what is destroyed, what can be given away, and what I want to keep.

This is the glamour of my life. Sorting clothes, going through back mail, destroying 2 of 6 boxes of tissues, and all the while dealing with the urge to go to Facebook to lament my woes of being a young adult. I hope that I am not the only one with this life, because I hate it so much right now. But I’ve written twice in a 24 hour period, which is a good thing….but I kinda hope my boss calls me into work. Just for the distraction….for anything..

I should head back into my room otherwise I will just shove everything off my bed at bedtime and/or sleep on top of all the crap in my room.

And since you have reached this part of my mindless ramble, I congratulate you and leave you with this question….What do you do when you are bored?

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