Day 5 blurred into 6

So thanks to this cold my sleeping schedule is out of whack again so days 5 and 6 have blurred together and have left me with a headache.

Actually I just slept too much. Which means that I slept through day 5 and now am stuck being awake at a godforsaken hour on day 6. So I have Tony and Maria to keep me company as I wait for my medicine to kick back and send me back off to dreamland.

If you are unsure of who Tony and Maria are I’m talking about West Side Story, which has been stuck in my head for the last week. I get to blame Glee for this one. I caught the episode where the characters acted out West Side Story, and I couldn’t get a “A Boy Like That” out of my head. I almost forgot how much I love musicals, and the theatre. My childhood is dotted with Off-Broadway performances and dinner theatre, and I don’t know why I never became more involved.

Probably because I thought I was no good at anything except being a jock. I sometimes wish I didn’t give up on singing after I had my tonsils out, but what can you do?

The last play I went to was Rent on Broadway, one of the last showings of it on Broadway. It was amazing. The cast, the story, I fell in love with Rent the first time I ever heard of the play. As I sat next to my then girlfriend, I looked up at the stage and I was suddenly back in seventh grade, watching Hello Dolly on an off-broadway staging daydreaming about what it would be like to act out stories like that. Amazing what you remember at 1 in the morning. I remember sitting at the table, not really talking to my classmates because I felt like the outsider, and staring wide-eyed at the stage. The actors seemed bigger than life, and the music just played right through me. I felt the magic of a story being told weave around me, and I fell in love. Musicals and my family, the two places where I learned how to tell a story.

Ahh memories………

I forgot how much I loved West Side Story. Reminds me of home, of New York. Reminds me of my friends who would break out into random song, and it reminds me of my first love, who introduced me to Puerto Rican culture and passion. Although I am amused that Maria is played by a white woman of Russian descent hehehe. I must say though, I think Naya Rivera (who plays Santana on Glee) did an amazing job at Anita on the show.

I also didn’t realize how many references I inadvertently make towards this play in my daily life, whether it’s imitating voices or saying a phrase. It’s kinda crazy. Just goes to show what you don’t realize about yourself until you spend a few days actually paying attention.

I remember crying the first time I saw this play. I remember being so confused as to why people hated each other so much, simply because their skin was different. I must say, I still don’t understand. I don’t think I ever will.

Back to bed my friends. First person to find the missing word from today’s post wins…well…that knowledge ^_^

And I leave you with this question: What movie/play has impacted your life?



Pedialyte ice pops are amazing when you are ridiculously dehydrated from a ridiculous cold/illness…just saying

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