Care To Remember

We lost it at some point,
in between the moments caught in flashes
and blinding lights, we left it there.
I forgot how to say it back to you,
but I have so much more to say, if you care.

I’ve been searching for superman,
we were told a hero was amongst us,
but we lost the directions when purpose
became more than what we could give,
and we believed in it all.

No one feels the same without the fire,
how do I say I’m sorry that you hoped
to be the one to save it, but the s on your chest
means simply, means solely, means slight.
It’s a misleading road we were on…unrealized…

Will you care to remember when I smiled,
finding the s on the chest of a homeless man
who held his hand shakily in mine, and beguiled
he whispered about the bright lights, and the lost fire,
and he pulled me away from you.

I wish I could give more,
but it wasn’t us that saved the world.
We threw it away for a purpose that only meant
something for the audience that never clapped.
It was a shaky hand that turned the tide…

Will you care to remember?
when it became the reflection that saved me?
And the s became the curve in the road
that finally led me from you, and I don’t know how
to say thank you, for being the one that defaced me.

That is the word on the street,
but this is my truth without a doubt,
we found superman on opposite sides of the street,
and all I ever care to remember,
is how I learned to stoke the fire you put out.



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