Day 40: The Last Day

The Last Day

Well…I did it. 40 days without ever going near Facebook. I think this is the first challenge I have taken that I’ve actually stuck through. A few of my friends tried to follow my lead, but gave up after a few days.

I am quite proud of myself. Although this will be posted online, technically, on day 41, since my job has blocked access to my blog for some reason…I’m quite excited for my new challenges…although getting more than 1 person to pose me a challenge has been a challenge in itself, but it is all of the good.

I have two new challenges I will be doing: 1 for 60 days and 1 for another 40 days; all-together a hundred days of challenges, although they will be running concurrently, but I am excited to get them started. I won’t be starting the 40 day challenge right away, but I have started the 60 day challenge.

60 Day Challenge:

I was a Division 1 athlete for 5 years, and an overall athlete for over 10 years, so although I was always a big girl, I was fit big girl…Until I graduated college, tore all the ligaments in my ankle, and swore off any type of physical workout because I deserved to be lazy.

60 pounds later….

And I decided that being lazy isn’t good for me. I think too much when I’m lazy…I sleep too much, and not enough, when I’m lazy. I have way too much down time as a lazy person…So I’m doing a 60 day fitness challenge where I have to push myself every single day to get up and work out.

60 lbs= 60 days…I’m slightly grateful I didn’t gain more because I might just cry

I did the fit test for this challenge yesterday…and let’s just say the fit test has left me sore and embarrassed at how out of shape I really am. Tomorrow is going to be the official day 1 of the 60 day challenge, and I foresee a lot of pain, cursing, and accountability. Today was my last day of junk food, and I’ve already started to phase out soda and juices. Granted I will eventually save a lot of money because I’m going to be forced into making food at home, and I will be healthier overall, but this challenge is going to force me into an entire lifestyle change…

I’m exhausted thinking about it

40 Day Challenge:

The Letter Challenge.

Find me a worst pen-pal than myself and I’ll give you a dollar. I’m serious. Look at you thinking I’m joking. I didn’t even post every single day of my last 40 day challenge…remember that. So if you find a pen-pal (somebody who attempts, or feigns attempting, to keep in touch but never does), and they beat my record of not talking to someone for over 13 years, I will send you a dollar. (Let’s set the ground rule of the first 5 people, cuz there are 70 of you right now and I’m poor). Give me your address and I will send you a dollar, and maybe a poem…dunno, but only if you can prove someone else is worse at keeping open communication with the people in their lives than me. I am a bad…horrible…as in having gone years ( 13 to be exact) without speaking, writing, sending smoke signals, to a friend and/or relative.

So Miss Lori posed me an idea. A letter a day.

Seems simple right? I’ll post the letters to my blog because I can’t afford stamps, and write to all the people in my life that I haven’t written to, or I have but never sent the letters…etc.

Except we all know how great I am about posting every single day when my life gets crazy…sigh.

But it is a challenge nonetheless and I’ve decided that I’m going to take challenges people pose to me…as long as they are not life-threatening/insane…

I refuse to eat a habañero and I’m not going to kiss random people…my friends are weird, disturbing people hehehe.

So working out and a letter a day…and maybe a complete first draft of my book… Is it plagiarism if I use some posts from my blog in my book? It would be relevant…I’ll look into that.

I’m in a creative mood today, and I won’t be spending the entire day 40 post talking about future challenges…

So here you go… thoughts of the last 40 days in the only way I know how ^_^.

What I Learned:

On days that blurred, a start can happen after the 1st
until thunderstorms brought hell and steady days
that lead to frantic phone calls, and a heartbreak moment
that left me drained to the point of oversleeping.

The future is the main theme, and wondering about babies
and speeding towards nothing left me between late night shifts,
early morning repairs and explaining geography.
I left early some days, slept late others, and quietly pondered
my days as they filled with interviews and responsibility
that rarely came in special packaging.

It is a blur, that leaves my brain feeling dead
and my days off-kilter, split between ideas and records
until I’m left working 16 hour shifts again,
and bandaging wounds that cramp just as painfully
as news given via the Llama express.

My days…stuck in controversial topics and a sudden
violation from those I’ve never met, left me repeating days,
no one noticed…no one cared…so I served up a well-known
platter and wished my friends love from a distance.

Triggers, passwords, and dreams kept me on tangents until I realized,
Fuck it, I have the right to be wrong in my life,
because I knew how to make you smile
with a joke caused by a blonde moment

and we laughed because we learned what it meant
to cry on sun-shining days, and dance when no one is looking.
So I ate sushi with an Egyptian, because no nickname could ever begin
to describe the beauty that that word creates for her,
and got my hair cut in Iowa with my Californian friend,
and cursed the bright lights that blinded the exits.

What holds me here, my friends, are the mix of apologies
and rants that muddle my mind to the point where I forget
that the end is where I begin. And 40 days started on the 4th day,
and ended on the 41st. And we’ve been here the whole time.

Day 40 was a nice day of remembering…remember to wake up to go to work, remembering that someone walked out with a key, remember the time when my track coach tried to tackle me and I tossed him aside like a rag-doll…good times hehehe. Remembering the soft smile of a woman in love, and the laughter of friends at a part. Day 40 is a good day.

I don’t think I want to go back to using Facebook. I think I’ve realized what I can be without it, and what I won’t be able achieve for myself with it in my life. I’m going to keep my page up, and let my friend run it since she is quitting facebook with me, so you can still reach me on the face-page, but I kind of like what I have going on with this blog. When I reach a hundred followers I’m going to buy my domain, and I will publish my first book of poetry.

The last few days have been foggy, but today is a beautiful day, and the night is looking bright.

Thanks for joining me the last 40 days. Enjoy the mini-video ^_^

ps….I suck at making movies, there is a reason why I’m in the dark corner room writing my fool head off…so don’t judge too harshly

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Returning to Facebook

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