Facebook Short Poetry Series #14

I used to think,
that those who drew names in the sand were fools,
until this singular moment occurred,
and you drew your name against me.

who can ever be prepared
for that kind of marking that adds to history
and alters futures once so steadfast that
five years weren’t a mystery.

breathe into the moment,
said the smiles around panicked tears
and avoid the river in far off lands
you’ve only heard of in books, and on tv.

no, I don’t really care,
when waking eyes seek blue
and suddenly all I wish for is time,
to know what feeling lost truly means.

Don’t look back, don’t look back,
the sight in front is shining brightly
as if from a song from some distant time,
when the weight hadn’t taken its toll

Take the time, and the care,
and learn why men drew names with sticks in the air,
and laugh and sing, live in the moment,
you are a fool after all.

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