Facebook Short Poetry Series #18

I broke the time when I thought it was mine,
and left all to childhood tales,
and seared the remnants into fading light,
watching this ship set sail.

I remember once, as I should,
But to remember twice, I never knew I could,
of things that hated themselves so fully,
that money was offered for alternatives,

But we sully the names of teachers passed,
as we wait for our indiscretions to be marked,
by waning candle light, the flicker at the start,
sully, and damage, still unworthy of their champion.

Fear is what holds me, a cowards tale of what if’s
tell me, if the raven’s wings held the words,
why would you force it to be stationary?
can’t forget, or remember, it’s just I lost the key,

in the place where the thing stopped being the thing,
he hated the word, so it became other,
and, in turn, so did I ,
but I can’t be bothered

Not right now, not anymore,
my eyes are dropping to the endless score
of one ups and nintendo games
maybe I’ll write the rhyme another day.

So adieu, farewell, to the dead of night,
goodbye to the all-nighters that held no fight.
Remembering is good for those who dare,
to look for the thing that simply was never there.

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