Lose Me, please.

It was almost closed.
So close…

You want me to understand
that this lifetime isn’t going to be the one.

And I do,

this is a timeline I’ll be walking alone.

But then you knock,
almost a second too late.
Ding dong ditch is your favorite game,
I know this but I opened the door anyway.
Just to watch you run away…again

I understand where you are coming from.
I’m the love you found where it wasn’t supposed to be.
So you run, and I watch you go.
Because one day,

one day I know,
your knock will be a second too late.

No one will be home.

I’m not sure if being your soul mate is worth the pain.

Oh, how you made that word clichéd.
Talking about someone who will never measure up,
a person standing in my place.
Because you can’t see the truth in your makeshift gauge.

Can’t see the fear in your own eyes,

And I know I can find love that won’t make me cry.
I can move further than I ever thought to try.
You gave me that strength the first time,

god, that first time,

you left the word why on my lips,
Watched you make it look so easy to not look behind.

You make it easier and easier to not cry.

And I know what you will say.
I know it line…for…line.
How that means we aren’t meant for this storyline.

But that knot in your throat
is your denial.
Everyone can see the words break against your teeth.

I’m not bitter about it.
You and I both know the truth.

I’m too old to be afraid of love anymore.
Too tired to play the game you made,
thinking I’ll always be at the finish line.
Waiting where you left me behind.

and while I may be your soul mate,
Something in which we both agree,
I am worth more than this.
Deserve more than watching you walk away…again.

So either stay,
the next time you are at my door.
Love me properly.

or lose me,



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