Day 13: Special Packaging, Warm Days and Whipping

It was a high of 67 degrees today, and while I slept through most of it, I couldn’t stop the joy from squeaking out of me when I walked outside and felt the warmth of the world around me. Ever since October, sunny days have just been a tease in my life, leaving me scrambling for a jacket even though the sun is beating down on the Earth. Today, I thought the same thing, until the warm breeze brushed by my body and tousled my hair.

I could live in this kind of climate…I could. Not to hot, never cold, I would be in heaven. A permanent 85 degrees would be perfection…but alas, I do not. I was treated to another surprise, 8 hours later, to a warm midnight, and I couldn’t help but skip through the rivers of melted snow that ran through my job’s employee parking lot. There is something soothing about the first vestiges of spring; after the first snows of winter I just become depressed and lethargic. But when it gets warm, I can sit outside, and just let the heat of the world around me soothe its way into my skin. It is why I love hot showers, I love being warm.

I think it is a counter to the coldness I feel whenever I deal with my depressions. The worst part of cold, for me, is when it creeps into your bones and stays there. The world becomes harsh and painful. Give me warmth any day, with a hint of coolness. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year….

Sigh…such a gorgeous day….

Now if the US Postal Service didn’t suck so much my day would have been perfect. Ever since arriving in Corn-Country USA, every package I receive shows up almost 3 weeks after it was sent. 3 weeks….I wonder if they send it to Timbuktu before letting it finally arrive at my apartment. It is very annoying.

And speaking of packages….why are some loaves of bread triple packed? Trying to get into my bread today was like opening one of those Russian doll things, where you take the top off just to reveal another one. All I wanted was bread for my PB&J…I didn’t think I would have to fight layers of plastic to do so. I get it, sure freshness and what-not….but come on….why is bread triple packed when light bulbs are covered in thin cardboard? Seriously…ponder that….

And for pondering my friend, we shall call her Old Timer, texted me today to tell me she misses me, which is incredibly sweet. I miss her too. She’s from Brooklyn and we have known each other going on…..9 years?…damn….she’s stuck around so she obviously likes something about me. She wants me to move back to New York, specifically NYC so we can “hang on the regular,” which made me giggle because I usually see this girl once every year or so. But she is one of those friends that Madea would call a root, and this girl has seen me at my worst, and at my best. I lurves her….

Today was a pretty chill day actually. Aside from the panic that filled me at possibly living in the city where my ex currently resides, today was simply a day that came and went. I woke up in time to enjoy some wild rice and the beautiful day before rushing to work, and texted Old Timer until my phone died. I did receive an amusing text from an old roomie/hot redhead (we shall call her Jo), about how she sprained her ankle and that she was grateful all she needed was an ace bandage because it would be expensive to fly me to her everyday to help put on an air cast. Long story short, sophomore year of college….sophomore..junior???Sophomore year, Jo sprained her ankle, and every morning I watched in amusement as she struggled to put on her air cast, until she finally pouted at me to help her..

I hate it when a girl pouts….I melt…my friends in middle school and high school took full advantage of it, so did my ex-girlfriend….grah….anyway, Jo’s pout is friggin adorable, and she has these big beautiful eyes…so naturally I cave like the good little whipped woman I am and  would help her since I was the only person in the room who could figure it out. It was a nice memory to recall, and one I had completely forgotten about.

I’m enjoying these relaxing days….it allows for introspection and pure laziness.

Question of the day:

What would you do if you accidently bumped into an ex on the street?


Epic Quote of My Day:

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.Jules Renard


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