Days 15 and 16 eventually become Day 17

….So I still have a job,

apparently my inappropriateness was not caught, so I’m in the clear for now. However, while I wondered about my future employment, days 15 and 16 slipped through in a haze of broken sleep, daydreams, and saving lives.

We will start with the broken sleep….day 14 became Day 15 on 3 hours of sleep. I was okay though, the nap kept me going the remainder of day 15, so as I happily made my way up my stairs at midnight on day 15, I looked forward to passing out on my couch (the part for my bed has yet to arrive…I hate Iowa mail I’m serious it is horrendous). However, as I watched the clock turn from 12am to 11am, I couldn’t stop the tears of frustration, nor could I do anything for the sharp jabbing pains in my head and chest.

My body retaliated whenever I am stressed, and it is never in a way that is relatively bearable….so I drove into work on day 15 hating the world…mostly because I was driving into another 16 hour day.  It did go by quickly, with the help of new friends/coworkers, but I cursed the fading sky as the dark hues of the night sky became a light watercolor.

However, despite my desire to go back in time and destroy the person who invented work, I did get to save lives today. Instead of going straight home, like I should have, I went to my local donation center and donated plasma. At least I know I am hydrated and that my protein levels are great, despite my lack of sleep and eating on a regular schedule. But I enjoy the entire process, even though the female nurses always give me a pink bandage instead of the cool neon green or blue one. Sigh….maybe next time.

I do encourage you, if you can, to donate blood and/or plasma….Helping the world, even in the smallest way, means more than one can ever imagine.

And as much as I have missed my blog the last few days, along with shameless help the needy plugs and whimsy, I can barely keep my eyes open. Tomorrow is my day off, so hopefully the rest of day 17 and day 18 will allow for an ease in the pain I’m currently in.

Question of the day:

Why can’t a person be both a lover and a fighter?


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