Day 17: I think my brain died

Remember when I said that I had today off? Yea, all lies. A coworker is doing something, I didn’t bother with the details, but would have had to stretch to try to get back to work on-time…so my being sleep-deprived and way to nice, agreed to pick up his shift.

I can’t decide if I am just greedy or stupid. Might be both, but the overtime is helping me dig out of a debt hole I buried myself in trying to do good in this world, so saying no right now really isn’t an option. But I miss the sleep…a lot.

My roomies secret she sent to made it onto the site this week, which is uber exciting to see.

Uggh I think my brain is dead…or on vacation…That’s it, it’s on vacation and left me behind. All day long I have things I want to talk about, or write about….and then I get home and I just want to curl up and go to sleep…Which is what I am going to do now….let’s hope that I’m not pulling a d’oh moment later on and will actually have something worthwhile to speak about. Like the 2 1/2 conversation I had with my mother about life, or how my dad bought a new kayak and looks silly in it, or how I might buy my domain site and sell a book of poetry…

Right now….I’m le tired.

Question of the day…

Why do people question the chicken crossing the road?

(told you I’m fried)….


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