#9: Dear Healy Clan,

Dear Healy Clan,

I wrote my name in the sand, so it can be carried by the waves. 

I wrote my name into stone, so it would know how to grow old with time and the wind.
I wrote my name on paper, so it would know know a quicker end.
But I gave my name to you, so it would know how to be immortal…..


You taught me the meaning of a second chance, and a true blank slate. You didn’t push, or prod. You let me grow to the point where I trusted enough to let go of the burdens that always weighed my shoulders down. You taught me what pure laughter meant amongst people in which life had tainted. So I thank you, for re-teaching me what a name meant. For re-teaching me what it meant to let it go.

You are a collective of people that this world cannot simply recreate. Musicians, artists, athletes, addicts, lovers, fighters, dreamers…realists; every single one of you can come together and laugh. It is how I learned to be the person I am today. You taught me what it meant to exist, and have that existence appreciated.

This won’t be a long letter. It’s mostly a thank you. I know I left. I’m the observer; the vagabond; listless wanderer in search of something. Anything. You all taught me how to recognize “it” when I see it. I’m waiting for the day my reflection arrives. And then, hopefully, my wanderings will bring me back to warm fires, laughter, tears, and dramas that soap operas can’t rival.

It is a familiar place, and warm, and I can’t wait to see you all again. Thank you, for letting me grow into the person I needed to be, and for knowing enough to know that I wasn’t meant to stay. You gave me a truly wonderful gift….you gave me back to the world. Thank you.



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