Facebook Short Poetry Series #7

Take in the second, the moment, the third,
when something is more than the nothing
we created in our minds to explain existence.
But there was something more, always, more

so we moved in the space together
pushing and pulling as the tension
twisted and built in lower stomachs
and screamed its release as eyes fluttered shut.
Be all that may be in the moments,

for tomorrow is only guaranteed to the word,
I want to feel you. Feel the movement
of skin on skin that leads me back to the place
where I found peace for the first time,
except now I find fluttering heartbeats

So I weather, and hold firm the ground
that allows me to trust in the strange sensations
of taking in the second, the third,
and let the storm roll over my mind.
A smile can move the world that stops for the moment.

calm, shutter, but allow me to fall
for something more than what can become
and allow the deepest understanding of now
to exist in sleep addled mind,
we are this generation,

stuck in the existence of emotions
we were never taught to appreciate,
wanting, needing, breathing, everything
that leads to nothing, that leads to something,
we exist in the negatives.

in the second, in the moment, in the third,
I was the loneliest number never to be heard.

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