Enclosing Darkness

I can’t, I can’t
where did the air go,
I’m trying, sucking for
oxygen I know, I know
it’s here, it’s here
just have to get it into
my lungs. 

God they burn,
my chest, hurts,
like the strain of running
but I’m standing,
actually swaying.
Hands on knees,
I remember being told once
hands on knees
breathe, I can’t

it’s getting stuck
in the back of my throat
nothing is coming out
please, nothing, nothing
is there, I know, my airway
is clear, I know,
but it feels like I’m in water
but I feel the breeze of the air

I think someone is trying to talk
why are they talking?
I have to breathe, can’t they see I’m busy.
Air, just some air,
the burning is eating my throat
and in my eyes.
Why are my eyes burning?

My face is wet,
someone is still talking.
I hear my name, but breathe
I can’t. Too much, it’s too much,
my chest is on fire, I feel it
the flames eating my heart
as it beats hard, too hard
I need to breathe,
why is there no air?

Too much,
someone is touching me.
Talking still, but I can’t
I have to get away
get air.
I need air.
I’m outside.
Where is the air.
I taste it I swear.

It’s dark, night I think,
I feel the wet on my face
and the echoes,
there is light somewhere
but I can’t breathe, not safe
can’t breathe here, not safe
not safe need air need air
not safe not safe

the dark is getting darker
the fire is everywhere
why won’t, why won’t
I can taste the air
and dirt,
how did I get down here?
someone is touching
calling, but I need air
I need

air…it’s too much
all too much.
pain too much.
it’s getting darker
my eyes burn with
the heaviness
air, please

please, pleas

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