Day 11: Leaving Early, Sleeping Late, and Quiet Days

Day 11 almost slipped by me,

It started like any other day, except I was scheduled to work a 16 hour shift. However, thanks to a scheduling error by my boss,  I got to go home after 9 so we can start the happy dance in 5…4….3…2….1…..


Okay enough of that ridiculousness….

Apparently my accent came out thick today, but I blame it on the fact that I work ridiculous hours….did I mention I was supposed to work 16 hours tonight? However, at 1am I was happily ensconced in my blankets listening to my tapping echo in my otherwise silent apartment. I have to admit that I have been incredibly lucky. I may have failed in my initial reason for moving to Corn-Country USA, but I did find an awesome apartment; I have an awesome roomie is who never here thanks to her boy-toy, and a job that keeps said roof over head and food in my belly.

Actually I’ve just been lucky with apartments. I have loved every apartment I’ve lived in since my first one in college. It’s just nice to have someplace that is your own, and the last few roommates I’ve had have been MIA so I usually have the run of the joint, which works for me since it forces me to be responsible and all that other fun jazz that comes from the so called “real world.”

I won’t get into the theory of “real” since I honestly think this world isn’t all that hard, people just make it that way. I just want to enjoy my sunday evening, or what is left of it. I slept it away. I actually started to write this post at 1am this morning, but I was distracted by music and reading, which if I was to have any quirks about my personality, I would take those quirks. My own mother teases me about how easily I am distracted while I am reading something. She will cut our phone conversations short because I had started to read something and stopped paying attention to her. I could do worse I guess, I could still be into drugs, alcohol, and destructive relationships. But those are posts for another day. Let’s just say that when I am reading, the world will fall away….or at least it does when whatever I am reading is good.

However, as today was one of my rare days off, I spent it doing what any normal young adult would do…..sleeping. Finally passing out at 9:50 this morning, I slept until 8:30 this evening. Now I know sleeping that long is bad for you, but I do state my argument that I wouldn’t sleep that long if my body didn’t need it, and apparently it did. So I slept as the world moved outside of my house, and I am okay with that. Sometimes I panic about wasting my life away, but sometimes you just need a quiet day, and Sundays have become my quiet days. I love Sundays….

After listening to the silence of the early mornings, I have filled my evening with music. Gentle guitars, pianos, and soft voices echo in my otherwise silent apartment, and I enjoy the closeness the moment creates. I think the world works too much. I think we all forget to take those moments to just allow ourselves to experience life. I know some people worry about wasting their lives doing nothing, but sometimes, doing nothing is doing something, and we all need a little nothing in our lives to balance out the thousand somethings.

My music mixes with the sounds of the local world I live in. The sounds of the street drifts through the walls of my apartments. The sounds of slow-moving trains, passing trucks and cars, wet pavement and blowing wind mix with the sounds of an old house and guitars, and it is a symphony that moves well with the slight tapping of keys and creaking furnaces. It is a wonderful distraction to the noise that has been filling my mind the last few days. Sounds of my past have cluttered my mind and have clashed with the music of my life, and have left me feeling quite uncomfortable. The silence of this morning, and the music of this evening have helped ease the headache that has formed every day this week. So I’m going to take this time to enjoy it. The wars of my life deserve this cease-fire, and I am quite content in this late hour I find myself existing within.

Sometimes, you have to enjoy the moments that whisper to you, and ignore life when it shouts.

Question of the day:

Have you ever had someone touch you so gently, that you had to cry?

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