Facebook Short Poetry Series #1

(Well…it is more of a piecing together 4 completely separate poems into one larger one…each stanza is a stand-alone poem on my facebook poetry status series…thing… which you can see if you click on it in the toolbar under Faith’s Facepage)

Won’t you take my hand?
You’ve already taken the rest,
remember sitting on our school steps?
In each other’s arms as the sun rose
over a small, dusty town that we didn’t belong,
we had time then.
Won’t you take my hand?
We always had what it took,
and it took falling apart.
I’m offering my hand,
because I have nothing left to give.
We left it on those steps,
as the sun rose, and for the last time
we drove away….together.
and under your eyes, I stole my heart back,
but I’m offering a hand,
Won’t you take it?

the dragging blurs the images
tearing into reality with denial,
please don’t let go, fight,
it hurts, and just a moment
a moment and the dragging will cease.
It will cease and you will have peace,
but too much to do, too much, no dragging
no dragging and no blurring,
it must be done, forget the pain.
The images blacken, the song waivers,
please not yet,

lend me time for I wasted mine,
in search of a permanent existence
amongst fleeting moments.
we were, we are, we could be,
everything, nothing, something,
I’ve been places, I swear,
I saw what needed to be seen,
or so I was told.
But I wasted the moments on tears,
and arguments and wishful thinking.
Let me go back, back to the forward place
and stop asking me to stay the execution.
I won’t, I lost the time
In a place where we all were, I lost it,
and when the haze cleared,
you were still there, asking me…

Misunderstand what is being said,
as to better understand that this
is nothing but a figment, a shadow,
of the hope that one day the truth wouldn’t
hurt as much as the lies healed,
I’m pissed off at you for letting me go,
I’m pissed off at you for never fighting,
for whispering I love you,
out of everyone, your nonchalance hurt the most,
so misunderstand what is being said,
it is what you are best at.

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